[Gallery Updates] At TV Groove in Japan

On August 19th, while Little Mix were in Japan, they stopped by TV Groove to promote their new single and album. I think that they look stunning, as always! What do you think? I uploaded 9 low and medium qualtiy photos to the gallery. Make sure you check them out!


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[Gallery Update] Performing at Summer Sonic

On August 16th and 17th, Little Mix performed at Summer Sonic Festival in Osaka and Tokyo. I uploaded 21 LQ photos.Make sure you check them out!

August 16th – Performing at Summer Sonic in Osaka x11 photos


August 17th – Performing at Summer Sonic in Tokyo x10 photos


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[Gallery Update] Arriving at Haneda airport in Tokyo,Japan

Today (August 15th), Little Mix were seen arriving at Haneda airport in Tokyo,Japan. I uploaded 11 high quality photos to the gallery. Make sure you check them out!

August 15th – Arriving at Haneda airport in Tokyo,Japan x11 photos

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[Gallery Update] Perrie and Jesy leaving Steam and Rye

Last night (August 9th), Jesy and Perrie from Little Mix were seen at Steam and Rye restaurant in London. I uploaded 16 high quality photos to the gallery. Make sure you check them out!

August 9th – Perrie and Jesy leaving Steam and Rye x16 photos

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[Video] Little Mix for TATI shoot


If you’re yet to get your hands on Little Mix’s debut make up range for Collection, then put on a pair of trousers and get down the shops sharpish.

Best of all, the gals have now added a brand new selection of lip balms and an awesome eye palette to the bargainous line and to celebrate, we sat down with Jesy, Leigh-Anne, Perrie and Jade to talk fashion fails, writing album three and that elusive new single we’ve got our fingers crossed for…
SO, the new make up products. Give us the hard sell.

Perrie: So obviously we had our collection before to get each of our looks and then we had the group eyeliner and the group lip gloss and they just did so well. All our fans were buzzing off them they just wanted to get our look so by doing the make up line with Collection, that was the easiest way possible. Because that went so well, we decided to do a group thing which is our new eyeshadow pallet which is like, do you know the Urban Decay one?

The Naked Palette? We’re big fans but our purses not so much.

Perrie: Well this is a bit like that but much more affordable and just as good. Then we’ve all got our new chapsticks – three are scented and then mine isn’t, because I can’t smell! But they are brilliant for us because we travel so much and if you are always on airplanes or if you’ve got dry lips, they’re brilliant.

We need this palette right now. Especially because it’s so affordable. and they’re affordable as well.

Jesy: £3.19!

Jade: As opposed to paying, like £40!

Leigh: And if you feel the quality, they go on really nicely and the colours are gorgeous. And they’re all the best colours as well, like no pointless colours.

Jade: It’s hard to find a palette you can like fit in your bag and these are perfect for that.

So you guys have been using them already?

All: Yesss!

Perrie: Even just sitting there putting them on, they feel so nice.

So what is your one make up product from the collection that you can’t leave the house without?

Jade: I wear my mascara everyday

Jesy: My lipstick, my red lipstick

Leigh: Yeah I’d say my red as well and probably now that these lip balms have come out, the lip balm. I think everyone should always keep a lip balm in their bag.

Perrie: I wear my lip balm everyday cos I keep biting my lips which isn’t good so.

Jade: Lately I’ve been doing brown shadow on my eyes everyday so this is going to come in handy.

Obviously we love your style, but do you ever look back on any of the things you’ve worn in the past and think ‘Oh GOD, what was I thinking?’

Jesy: I think you always do but I think that’s just because of how fashion evolves. I don’t think you can help that really. There’s so many things I look back on and think why was I wearing that, like X Factor, but at the time I loved it so I don’t think you can ever be like ‘Why did I wear that?’ because you liked it then and then eventually it ends up coming back round again anyway.

And you’ve already started writing for the next album. Any sneaky hints you can give us about it?

Jesy: Well we haven’t really had that many sessions, we had 2 with Jessie J which was really fun. We’ve had a few with Nicola Roberts but we haven’t had that many because we’ve been so busy touring! We’re kind of just still in the beginning like still trying to find out what we want to do and where we kind of want to go with it to be honest but we haven’t really got any solid songs yet.

Leigh: I think with all of us, when we hear it we’re going to know that’s the single.
There was a progression in sound from the first album to the second album. Are you looking to step it up again this time around?

Jesy: Yeah definitely, always.

Perrie: We’re always looking to better ourselves. So when we’re in the studio and we hear a song, like Leigh-Anne said, we’ll hear a track and we’ll be buzzing then we’ll start writing over it and if we’re not feeling it, we want to move on and go to something else. Whereas if we’re with different writers, they want to stick at it, but we know what we want and we’re like ‘Nah, we’re bored of this now, let’s go onto something else.’

I think we’re just such perfectionists. So even the people we work with production wise, even the producers are like ‘God’s sake!’ because we’re like ‘Can you take that high bit out? Can you make that different’ all the time.

Leigh: From two albums now, we pretty much know what works and what doesn’t, so I think this is even harder now this is the third album because, we know what we want, it’s just trying to get it.

Jesy: Sometimes we literally start from scratch and that can be the best thing because that’s how ‘move’ came about, we literally created the beat with the producer and that was amazing but then sometimes we’ll go in and the producer will play us the beat and we’ll just hate it and there’s no like vibe for it at all.

Perrie: Then you’re stuck in the studio all night like, ‘Arghh,’ it’s really dull.

Jesy: It is hard but you get there. We always know when we hear it, when we hear the beat we always know.

Is there anybody on the list that you’d kind of really like to work with this time around?

Leigh: We wanted to work with Naughty Boy but he’s very busy.

Perrie: I think Sia, she is an incredible songwriter, like literally if she could write a song for us I think I’d just die and go to heaven. She’s incredible.

Jade: We’re open to working with loads of people. We have a little family of writers and producers that we love to work with every time and then some we met on the second album and now we love them, but then at the same time we’re always open minded for new opportunities.

Leigh: I think we should work with Rudimental.

Jesy: I’d love to work with them, they’re wicked. MNEK he did ‘Nothing Feels Like You’ on our album like that’s one of my favourites to perform on this tour. I think it’s going to be a lot of peoples favourites because it is sooo, it’s wicked

Perrie: I’d say Pharrell but I highly doubt that’s going to happen, but I mean chuck that out there.
Do you have a date when you’re aiming for it to land?

Jesy: Just when it happens really, we’re not going to force it. I think that’s when it can go a bit wrong because that’s when you’re just putting out stuff that you don’t feel passionate about.

Leigh: We think it will be the end of the year

Perrie: We don’t know, if we don’t have any songs then we can’t so.

Leigh: But do expect a new single

Oh, exciting! But you haven’t decided on it yet?

Perrie: [Laughs] We haven’t even written it!

Leigh: It doesn’t exist! But it will! We’re working on it!

We’re very much looking forward to it! Thanks gals.

Little Mix’s eye palette and lip balms for Collection are out now – have you tried them yet?

[Gallery Update] Jade and Jesy nightout with Danielle Peazer

On August 1st, Jade and Jesy from Little Mix were pictured on a night out with Danielle Peazer.The girls first went to Bodo’s Scholss club before finishing their night at Mahiki. I uploaded 42 high quality photos to the gallery. Make sure you check them out!

August 1st – Jade and Jesy nightout with Danielle Peazer x42 photos