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Fifth Harmony would ‘love’ to work with Little Mix
posted by: Summer Fans Fifth Harmony Interview Little Mix

Chatting about the prospect of a Little Harmony (and/or Fifth Mix) collab, Dinah said:

“We love Little Mix. That’d be so fun. Are they in town, by any chance?” with Ally adding: “Little Mix are amazing. We should [collaborate], I’d love that.”

Dinah’s also well cba with the whole pitting-girls-against-each-other thing the industry’s so obsessed with, saying:

“We always see that on social media. It’s a thing, people expect it; girls against girls. It’s so annoying how people crave it and the love seeing that stuff. They love when girls are being pitted against each other.

For us, we carry a message where we’re not about that. We can destroy that image of girls against girls and at this time there’s a huge movement of feminism and everyone’s all together on this.

Unity’s so powerful right now amongst women and I think continuing forward we’ll carry on that message.”

And on those bullshit rumours the 5H girls hate each other?

“People love it, it’s annoying. We don’t,” Dinah explained bluntly.

This all comes after Perrie Edwards recently admitted she’d be well up for working with the girls, saying: “Yes Imagine the sass.” HOORAH.